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Additional Services

At The Connection; a chiropractic place, we like to take a holistic look at your health. That means we seek to improve your overall well-being rather than just focusing on one area of the body. Though we see our patients’ successes every day, we’re still amazed at what our natural forms of healing can do for others.

In addition to chiropractic, we provide massage therapy, foot bath detoxifications, infrared sauna and energy work that serve as a complement to your care with us.

Applied Kinesiology

At our Stewartville location, Dr. Kevin has a focus on Applied Kinesiology. This safe and noninvasive therapy is also known as muscle strength testing. AK tests the strength of specific muscles of the body to help us assess structural, chemical and mental aspects of health. Dr. Kevin uses AK to diagnose problems in the nervous system and develop a plan of care to address them. While some chiropractors focus solely on providing adjustments and others only on AK, Dr. Kevin is an expert in both modalities.

Boost Your Health With a Massage

At Stewartville, we’re attached to the White Pebble Spa Co., and can work directly with your massage therapist there. Massage therapy is also available at our St. Charles location. The benefit of having a massage done with us is that your chiropractor and massage therapist can discuss your case and work together, using their combined knowledge for you.

Foot Bath Detoxification

Our patients choose to use our foot bath detoxification for different reasons. Some want to improve their blood pressure. Others find it helps them with their allergies or asthma. You’ll sit in a comfortable area with your feet placed in water. Varying frequencies are sent through the body to stimulate the release of toxins, taking about a half-hour in total. Foot Bath Detox is available in our Stewartville and St. Charles locations.

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