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Chiropractor Stewartsville, Dr. Kevin HuelskampMeet Dr. Kevin Huelskamp

A Powerful Encounter With Chiropractic

During high school, Dr. Kevin was climbing a silo on his family farm and took a serious fall. This near-death experience led him to the Mayo Clinic, where the doctors stopped his internal bleeding. Though the hospital released him after helping his life-threatening injuries, recovery was slow with numerous problems throughout his entire body.

The ongoing pain led him to the office of a chiropractor. There, he found not just relief, but an education on how the body can heal itself with the proper care. It wasn’t long before Dr. Kevin had a full recovery and could live a normal life. There was no question – he knew that he wanted to become a chiropractor and share its incredible benefits with others.

Finding the Cause of Your Problems

To obtain a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Kevin attended Northwestern Health Sciences University, known for its scientific, medical-based training in subjects such as anatomy, physiology and chemistry. His learning hasn’t stopped there. Dr. Kevin takes postgraduate seminars all around the country to continue giving the best possible care to his patients and has vast experience, training, and knowledge in Applied Kinesiology.

Our goal is to look for the cause that each person is suffering from instead of covering up symptoms with a drug that doesn’t resolve a condition.”


A Family-Oriented Life

Dr. Kevin and his wife have five children. They like to be active and spend time outside. All of their children were born at home, delivered by their father. They are the picture of health and enjoy athletics, having any concerns quickly resolved through chiropractic care.

The Connection; a chiropractic place is a member of the Stewartville Chamber of Commerce.

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